is available as an upholstered or boxspring bed.


Amira-R, bed width 180 cm with high side panel, wooden base HA.

Upholstered headboard instead of diamond-shaped upholstery

The majestic headboard with its impressive diamond stitching is elaborately capitoned by hand and can be finished with contrasting coloured buttons on request.

Amira is available in two headboard versions: Amira-R with the large diamond stitching, the buttons of which can be colour-coded on request, or Amira-Q with a square stitching.

Both headboards are extra thickly upholstered and offer a high level of comfort in addition to the visually impressive backdrop. Due to the stitching, the cover of Amira cannot be removed. 

amira-R - with diamond stitching
amira-Q - with square stitching

Total depth incl. headboard: 216 cm for bed length 200 cm
Headboard depth: 10 cm
Headboard height (PB)*: 125 cm + foot height 15 cm = total height 140 cm
Headboard height (box)**: 125 cm + foot height 5 cm = total height 130 cm
Width (lying surface): 120, 140, 160, 180, 200 cm
Total width: mattress width plus 10 cm

*Upholstered bed, **Boxspring

The upholstered beds are fitted with an insert system that allows the use of any slatted frame and mattress.

It doesn't matter whether you want to use a fixed insert, a slatted frame with movable head and foot sections or with motorised adjustment.

The upholstered bed from Signet is designed for all possibilities. It can also be used as a conversion for a waterbed on request.

The box spring consists of a solid wooden box into which a padding is incorporated.

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