Compact size with lots of sleeping comfort

The base for the Signet box-spring bed is a box made of solid spruce. A spring core made of tempered steel, which is incorporated into individual pockets, provides the spring base.

It has 500 springs over an area of 100 x 200 cm and is encased and covered with high-quality polyether foam.
and covered with high-quality polyether foam. The pocket spring core lies on a perforated plywood panel, which ensures good ventilation of the spring base.

The cover has an anti-slip fabric on the top and ensures that the mattress is held securely in place.
From a width of 140 cm, the base consists of two boxes that are covered with a continuous cover.
In addition to the barely visible plastic glides at a height of 5 cm, all the feet in our upholstered bed programme are available.

Mattresses and toppers are not part of the Signet range.
Your Signet bed specialist retailer has the expertise and a wide range of products to help you find the right bed for your body size and sleeping habits the right sleeping system for your body size and sleeping habits.


Cross-section of the box spring components

1. frame construction made of solid spruce
2. cover plate made of perforated plywood (for better ventilation)
3. pocket spring core (500 TFK = 500 springs on an area of 100 x 200 cm; non-woven fabric cover)
4. cover made of high-quality polyether foam
5. cover made of a foam and polyester fleece layer
6. fabric cover with breathable anti-slip cover on the top for secure hold of the mattress

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