Design for upholstered and box-spring beds!  


Little Joe

Decorative stool with high seating comfort

Easy to move and can therefore be placed anywhere. Modern design and high-quality workmanship make this stool an exceptional and versatile piece of lifestyle furniture.

Diameter: ca. 46 cm | Height: ca. 50 cm


Big Jack

Decorative stool - beautifully finished

Big Jack demonstrates craftsmanship and creative finesse in its perfect seam pattern.

Diameter: ca. 94 cm | Height: ca. 40 cm



Decorative stool with high sitting comfort

The Bono stool is easy to move and can therefore be positioned anywhere.

Possible addition - Charly tray for the 37 x 37 cm stool. Charly turns the stool into a table, making it an unusual and versatile piece of lifestyle furniture.

Width: 37 x 37 cm | Height: 50 cm
Width: 41 x 41 cm | Height: 44 cm
Width: 61 x 61 cm | Height: 38 cm



The secret star of the stool scene

With its pleasant shape, Zapallo manages to move from the background to the foreground. The small stool is not only beautiful to look at, but is also a comfortable place to sit. Thanks to its light weight, Zapallo is easy to carry and is always ready for use when there is a lack of seating space. Zapallo, the flexible seat that adds a touch of colour to your home. Lovely, trendy detail - the colour-contrasting button in the golden centre.

Diameter: ca. 42 cm | Height: ca. 48 cm


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